Wandering Pain Acupuncture Armidale

Wandering Pains & Acupuncture

Wandering pains that move from one place to another and do not necessarily have a pattern, may seem harder to treat than a fixed pain in one location. This type of pain is often seen in conditions such as Fibromyalgia where relief can be hard to find. When pains move around it reflects a systemic issue that in Chinese medicine theory relates to the state of the Internal Organs, and not just what the person is feeling locally in the tissues. Chinese herbs excel at treating wandering pains because they treat the person from the inside out. By working on particular Organ Systems the symptoms in other areas of the body will start to reduce from the support the herbs give.

Strengthening and balancing the immune and digestive systems and assisting blood circulation are the main strategies I use to treat wandering pains with Chinese herbs. Of course acupuncture is very effective at treating whatever pain is present at the time, but to prevent other pains from occurring internal medicine cannot be underestimated.

Is there research on acupuncture and wandering pains?

There has been plenty of research in acupuncture’s ability to reduce pain in general. Research on acupuncture and wandering pain may be too specific however is a link to current acupuncture research findings. Acupuncture Evidence Project

Written by Hamish Brown
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Hamish works with Chinese Herbs for complex health conditions, and with acupuncture for pain relief.