Natural Pain Relief Acupuncture Armidale NSW

Pain Relief Acupuncture Armidale NSW

I do not enjoy seeing people walk into the clinic with pain, but it is fun to see the surprise people get when they have such quick pain relief with acupuncture. Usually, I see my patient’s pain start to reduce as soon as I have inserted the needles. After a bewildered shake of the head, they often ask me a question like, “How does putting a needle in my hand reduce the pain in my back?”

There are different explanations about how acupuncture works, but the most logical one, in my opinion, is simply that it improves blood flow to an area. How does it do this though? We have our own current of bio-electricity flowing through us, particularly in our nervous system. Metal conducts electricity, and therefore the stainless steel needle stimulates a response in our nervous system. There will be an increase in blood flow to all areas that relate to the site being needled. This reduces pain because the brain knows that the problem area will now be getting the nutrients and oxygen via the blood that it needs to heal. The ancient Chinese were so advanced that they mapped out this neural code and blood flow now known as the acupuncture points and meridians. They understood how different areas relate to each other, and that they could bring about healing via stimulating a certain area.

Acupuncture has been shown to have a positive effect on Pain. See Acupuncture Evidence Project for details.

Written by Hamish Brown
The Way of Water Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture
Hamish works with Chinese Herbs for complex health conditions, and with acupuncture for pain relief.