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Hamish Brown, Acupuncturist and Herbalist

My name is Hamish Brown and I practice Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Armidale in New South Wales.

My Path to Chinese Medicine

Hamish Brown Acupuncturist Armidale NSWPeople often ask me how I became interested in the field of Chinese medicine. There are three factors that lead me to pursue a career in it. Firstly, my mother who had studied nursing when she was young became disenchanted with the medical system and left nursing to study herbalism. She would primarily use natural remedies if I was sick so I grew up with a natural belief and knowledge with how to help the body via non-pharmaceutical means. In addition, my parents started growing organic medicinal herbs on a large scale, and through working on the farm I gained an insight into the industry and quality assessment of medicinal herbs.

Secondly, I started practising martial arts when I was 14 years old and it became my primary focus and culminated in me attending a martial arts instructor’s course at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now known as Endeavour College). As part of this course, we learned the basics of Chinese medicine theory and philosophy which left a strong impression and desire to learn more.

Lastly, I had eczema when a baby, which an acupuncturist treated me for successfully and it never came back until my early teens. As anyone with eczema knows it can be a very hard thing to treat, and it prompted me to search many different healing systems to relieve it. With Chinese medicine, it started to improve in my twenties, and when I had a stir up again years later Chinese medicine cleared it again.

This all lead me to enter University and complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in Traditional Chinese medicine and it has been a fantastic journey ever since. Because of my thirst to find the most effective style of Chinese medicine in my post graduate years I attended every seminar possible to find the best methods available. Thankfully Dr Tan visited Australia for the first time around six years ago, and I have been utilising his Balance Method with acupuncture since then. I also completed a three year long training with Dr Arnaud Versluys in the Tian Lineage system four years ago that utilises a unique pulse diagnosis method and Han Dynasty Chinese herbal medicine formulas.

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