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Erections & Erectile Dysfunction with Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine for enhancing erections & male sexual performance

For a man to have a strong natural erection, blood flow to the genitals needs to be adequate. This can be impaired due to a number of reasons. As men age, the strength of their blood circulation and the amount of blood available decreases. This can then lead to a loss of sexual performance and sufficient erections. In many men, however, it is due to the Liver System being congested. This has a big impact on not only how blood flow is regulated in general, but more specifically in the reproductive system. The Liver channel in Chinese medicine goes through the genitals and if the Liver is not in balance there is a repercussion affecting the reproductive system. Trauma or surgery can also impact nerve and blood flow to the genitals whereby addressing this area with targeted treatment can result in the genitals returning to their normal function.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Erections

In the last few weeks, I have trialled a new combination of Chinese herbal medicine formulas with two patients experiencing difficulty with erections, and the results were excellent. This group of herbs not only warms the blood and helps the blood flow to improve in the Liver, but they also warm the liver directly and enhance blood flow to the periphery. By addressing these aspects of pathology, erections can return to their full capacity. Other approaches that only give a temporary improvement with erections (such as hormone stimulating agents or Viagra) are not treating the problem in the same way as this approach, whereby the deeper mechanism and issue is being addressed.

What to Expect in an Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Session

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Written by Hamish Brown
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