Acupuncture Armidale. Believe or Not

The question comes along every so often, “Do you need to believe in acupuncture for it to work?”

Hi, I’m Hamish Brown and I run a clinic based on Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Armidale NSW.

Do you need to believe in acupuncture?

This is my short answer, “if the treatment is appropriate you will experience a result whether you believe in it or not”. Acupuncture has been made out to be a mystical and magical thing from the East, although interestingly this viewpoint is more due to Western academic influence and mistranslation than how the Chinese perceived their own healing methods. The main example comes from the word energy being used extensively through Chinese medicine translations when there is a strong reason to believe they were talking about blood flow instead. Basically, placing a thin piece of metal in tissue sends a message to the nervous system to change blood flow in another area. When blood flow improves more nutrients are delivered and increased oxygenation occurs. Pain responses and inflammation are then altered and the tissue can begin to heal.

What about Acupuncture Skeptics?

It does not worry me if someone believes in acupuncture or not. In fact, it is maybe a little extra rewarding when someone who doesn’t believe in it feels better after a treatment. The role of belief and even placebo is then taken out of the equation of being relevant to the treatment result.

It may only be a matter of time before biomedicine is able to elucidate the mechanisms of acupuncture and then maybe, just maybe, the ancient Chinese will start to get some credit for their brilliance and advanced methods of healing.

What About Acupuncture Evidence. Is there Research for Acupuncture?

Acupuncture Evidence Project. Acupuncture Armidale NSWRecently a project called the Acupuncture Evidence Project came out (2017) listing 122 conditions. It showed strong evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture for 8 conditions, moderate evidence for acupuncture for a further 38 conditions, weak positive/unclear
evidence supported the use of acupuncture for 71 conditions, and little or no evidence was found for the effectiveness of acupuncture for five conditions  (further research is needed to clarify the effectiveness of acupuncture in these last two categories).

Check out the impressive summary and then takes steps to see if acupuncture will work for you. Check out Acupuncture Evidence Project

What to expect in your Acupuncture session

Your initial consultation and acupuncture appointment is set in a very comfortable relaxing environment. We’ll discuss your health concerns and goals. If you have medical examinations, feel free to bring these along to your appointment so we can discuss all your options. After your consultation, a treatment plan is formed utilising Chinese medicine modalities to restore your body back to health. These methods may include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine plus lifestyle suggestions.

How to Prepare for Acupuncture

Since you’ll relax back in a comfortable position while receiving acupuncture it is best to feel comfortable. So aim to be neither too full of food or empty, wear comfortable clothing (most sessions you remain clothed) ready to relax.

How to Book an Acupuncture Appointment

Booking your session is easy. Call Clinic on (02) 6771 3469

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Written by Hamish Brown
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Hamish works with Chinese Herbs for complex health conditions, and with acupuncture for pain relief.